Welcome to VR Territory Orlando

We unfortunately must report that VR Territory Orlando is permanently closed as of 12/31/2020 due to the ongoing pandemic. Our team wants to thank everyone who has supported us by playing at our arcade and giving us a chance to share the magic of virtual reality with both VR Pros and curious beginners. From all of us at VR Territory Orlando, we hope everyone has a happy new year and a better, brighter 2021.


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What to expect at VR TERRITORY!

“Thanks for the geeat experience. We will returning more often. We liked the entire experience. It was so much fun.”

Jesse Lozano

“Great experience. The staff is amazing. It takes a lot of patience to deal with a lot of players needing help throughout their games but the staff members always seem to keep calm and help everyone.”

Darvin Chinchilla

“This place has an amazing business model, an even better staff, and has some of the most entertaining and immersive games I have ever played.”

Aidan DeOliveira

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